History of success


On the present page we are representing all seamen who successfully have built up or are still building their career with Columbia. Our dear visitors are able to see the objective proof that all these men are real and these men have been raised from their cadetship to their present position on CSM fleet.

In order to be precise we have to admit that only a small part of successful seamen agreed to be posted here now. It is very difficult to get pictures from them. Majority of them are at sea and it is not easy to contact them. Some of seamen do not like and hesitate to be posted on the WEB.

We kindly ask all Columbia employees not to hesitate and send us stories of their success as well as their photographs. With great pleasure we will post them here.










Verkhov Alexey

Chief Engineer of mt “SKS Saluda”Verkhov AlexeyWithin seven years made his career from Engine Cadet to Chief Engineer.

After passing his cadetship on tanker in 1999 and State Marine Academy graduation he returned back on CSM fleet:

Starting from June 2001 – 4th Engineer on mt ”CapeBlanc”, DW 33540 mt

Starting from April 2002 – 3rd Engineer on mt ”CapeBlanc”, DW 33540 mt

Starting from December 2004 – 2nd Engineer on mt“SKSSenne”, DW 150000 mt

Starting from July 2008 and until now – Chief Engineer on mt“SKSSenne”, DW 150000 mt