Junior Officers' program

A golden opportunity for graduates from Maritime Academies.

Columbia Shipmanagement takes maritime skills development very seriously. Working on board of modern ships requires high-level specialized skills, technical expertise, safety and environmental preservation education and Columbia Shipmanagement (CSM) is no exception.

On board education, learning and carrier development programs of CSM are, therefore, important in building the capacity necessary for the work on board of CSM Fleet. Therefore, CSM deems it important to ensure that the company has enough skills and resources to support and maintain the goal of getting best professionals for its fleet.

In 2006 CSM launched a Junior Officers’ Program to give young people, ex CSM Cadets with high potential the opportunity to learn more about CSM operations and safety standards and prepare them for the demanding world of maritime industry. The fact that many outstanding young graduates often struggle with a new job due to a lack of work experience also contributed to this initiative. CSM, therefore, offers work-specific learning opportunities for promising young graduates who have recently completed their studies in Martine Academies and received their National Licenses.

Each year CSM approves a number of ex CSM Cadets with good appraisals received from CSM ship’s command during their term of sea-practice for CSM Junior Officers Program. The duration of the Junior Officers program on board is 1 – 2 months only and CSM always selects a ship where respective officer is due to sign off at approximately the same time i.e. 1-2 months. Junior officer will work as an “understudy” under the close supervision of ship’s senior officers who are appointed to look after, to coach and to supervise Junior Officer where he gains practical experience in relevant ship’s department. During this period, Junior Officers are introduced to and familiarized with the CSM corporate environment and its culture. They receive on-job training relevant to their future position on board of the ship.. This includes, among other things, experienced ship’s officers to coach and/or mentor and to guide them through the learning process. The support system is critical in the context of the demands on the cadets to work in ship’s relevant department. Subject good appraisals from the ship’s command CSM is able to offer the Junior Officer position on board of his current ship.

CSM experience is that maritime academy graduates have done well but graduates need to adjust to the world of work. At academy cadets gain a generic understanding of theoretical knowledge but on board of CSM Ships in position of Junior Officer they gain practical experience in their direct duties and daily responsibilities and the implementation of safety and environmental policies. CSM Junior Officers Program does not duplicate what the academies do, as the on-job training is geared towards the needs of a particular ships and rank.

Junior Officers Program, therefore, equips successful graduates (ex CSM cadets) with the necessary knowledge and skills on the functioning of CSM vessels in general and, specifically, the role and duties of an officer on board of CSM vessel.

A large number of former ex CSM cadets and graduates from maritime academies are still in employ of CSM and many of them hold very senior positions (see History of Success on our website).

Columbia Junior Officers’ Program will provide unique opportunity for ex CSM cadets to join CSM program and to continue their on-board job training with one of the leading Shipmanagement company. CSM demands and delivers the highest standards, ensuring the right candidate are selected, the very best training provided using all available means and industry – leading techniques, and the most professional, safety and customer conscious officers to train graduates on board of CSM ships. CSM is offering fantastic opportunities for tomorrow officers.

In Columbia nothing is impossible and that philosophy is reflected in the company’s approach to proving carrier progression opportunities for their officers. Graduates of Columbia Junior Officer Program can benefit from the same such opportunities – you could be a Master or Chief Engineer even before you know it!

We are really excited to be in a position of offering more such opportunities for ex CSM cadets and graduates who want to grow their carrier with Columbia Shipmanagement.

Feel the pull of the tide, or carve a life on the high seas? In this case Columbia Junior Officers program is for you!

Junior Officers Program


The purpose of the Junior Officer Program is to give young graduates (only ex CSM cadets) the opportunity to learn more about the specific operations of a future position in an rank of ship’s officer as per his Certificate of Competency and to equip them with all necessary on board knowledge and safety practices for the world of maritime work.

Target group

Ex CSM cadets, and graduates who have recently completed, or are in the process of completing, their tertiary qualifications in one of the CSM approved academies in Baltic States;


• The duration of the Junior Officers Program is 1-2 months on board of CSM ships. Each graduate is assigned to a relevant ship’s department on board of CSM vessel to complete the practical on-job training

• The graduates are introduced to, and familiarized with, the operations of vessel’ departments, and the corporate environment and its culture;

• The graduates receive salary of USD 1000,00 per month until taking a full position on board whereby wages will be as per relevant approved wage scale;

• The graduates are provided with a strong support system, which includes experienced officers and mentors to guide them through the onboard job training and learning.