Cadets’ program

Make your carrier to take off with Columbia Cadets Program

Columbia cadets program was in the existence almost from the time company was created back in nineties because company’s Owner Mr. H. Schoeller was always supporting a lot the idea of maritime education and necessity to provide world merchant fleet with properly trained cadets and junior officers.

Properly structured and formal cadets’ program was launched in 2006 whereby a dedicated Manager in Columbia Cyprus was appointed to run pre-selection procedures, approval and placement of cadets and junior officers on board of CSM fleet. This cadets’ program was designed to select the best candidate from different maritime academies around the globe to bring multy culture and best cadets for CSM needs. Further career growth and steady and well planned employment are guaranteed for the cadets’ program participants who successfully passed the sailing practice on board of CSM ships.

Columbia is preselecting cadets for sea board practice via CSM Baltija office in Riga only from Academies in Baltic States to be able to operate the modern day’s fleet and to be able to handle modern day’s challenges facing maritime industry.

During that sea board practice Columbia pays cadets originating from Baltic States 500 USD monthly as a cadetship which lasts around 6 months to enable cadets to accumulate sufficient sailing period and to get their National Licences upon graduation. Columbia also pays for their additionally required professional courses (depending on the ship’s type). Columbia does not pay cadets any other allowance after completion of their sailing practice until Academy graduation. Upon graduation from Academies participants have to get the appropriate National Certificate of Competency and to return back to Columbia. After additional in-house training courses Columbia assigns graduates on one of CSM ships as a Junior Officer with an option of promotion to Officer’s rank within one or two months on the very same ship. Promotion goes smoothly in case of positive feedback from the ship’ command with a final recommendation for promotion on board. Ex-cadets, the program participants, have unprecedented advantages in their career growth in comparison with other graduates from even the very same academies because as a normal practice Columbia will accept newcomers for any position with minimum two contracts in the same rank on a comparable size/type of ships whereby CSM ex – cadets are having a really fast track promotion and steady progression in rank overtaking their former friends from Academies by at least one two years in the carrier development.

CSM Cadets Program


The purpose of the CSM Cadets’ Program is to give cadets of maritime Academies (after the 3rd year of education) the opportunity to learn more about the specific operations of a future position in an rank of ship’s officer as per his Certificate of Competency and to equip them with all necessary on board knowledge and safety practices for the world of maritime work.

Target group

Cadets from Martime academies and Universities in Baltic States who are currently studying or are in the process of completing their tertiary qualifications in one of the CSM approved academies;


• The duration of the CSM Cadets Program is 6 months on board of CSM ships. Each cadet is assigned to a relevant ship’s department on board of CSM vessel to complete the practical on-job training

• Cadets are introduced to, and familiarized with, the operations of vessel’ departments, and CSM corporate environment and its culture;

• Cadets receive salary of USD 500,00 per month during duration of sea-practice;

• Cadets receive necessary in-house and additional training to be able to work safely on board of CSM ships;

• Cadets are provided with a strong support system, which includes experienced officers and mentors to guide them through the on-board job training and learning.